About Us


Autologistics Ltd.  is a freight forwarding company staffed with a group of young professionals and represented by  a wide  network of partners and agents, which can offer  high quality  transportation and forwarding services worldwide. As a  freght forwarder of large volume of commercial goods, we are committed to providing our business clients with some of the most economical freight rates available.

Our services range from handling the smallest pieces of freight to outsized cargo and cover all aspects of international door-to-door transportation by air, sea and surface, including handling of all related logistical issues.

Global companies need a reliable and knowledgeable partner to assist in meeting the present market requirements and such partner is Autologistics Ltd.

Why Autologistics Ltd.?

Because Autologistics Ltd. offers all types of cargo transportation services you require - domestic, international or logistical, with a unique ability to adjust to to your specific needs.

...we maintain the highest level of service standards, ensure rigorous control and security, as well as a well-trained professional staff in all fields of freight forwarding services.

...with a web technology allows  for keeping you updated on every movement of the cargo and  ordering shipments on your own via our web site.

...and, we do it all at a price that can save you considerable amount of money as compared with other freight forwarding companies.